The Fish Aren’t Biting: Failed (Link) Bait on the Rough Seas of SEO

Successful linkbait example - unicorn meat

SEO is a lot like fishing. SEO is about baiting a hook with different baits from guest posts to info-graphics, casting the bait into the water (the Internet), and then waiting for a bite. Preferably a lot of bites (backlinks, visitors, etc.). Not convinced that the two are similar? Isn’t the sea reminiscent of major […]

BPA Keynote at Miami University


Here you can download a copy of my slidedeck. Leave a comment below letting me know what your goals and dreams are, and even how you plan on accomplishing them if you know already. I hope you enjoyed it, let me know if I can help in any way. – Jordan

Post-Penguin Perplexities – SEO Meetup July 17 2012


Big thanks to Troy from Blue Kaboom for hosting the Cincinnati SEO Meetup group last night! On a side note, the group just hit 40 members! Please submit your suggestions here for discussion topics and improvements for the group. Here is the slide deck I presented with a few links to some of the points […]

My First 60 Days in SEO – From Noob to Link Builder


I come from a background of technical IT related work rather than internet marketing/SEO, so the majority of SEO was new to me. The last time I had done anything close to what you could call SEO was my webpage design class back in high school. I remember learning about how to construct a webpage, […]

Don’t be an SEO – Be a teacher


I hate being in this situation in a new client meeting: “Well we just need a little bit of SEO on our page, pretty easy stuff. we can pay about $250, we used to have a guy who did it for that much” What?! My next question is “$250 per hour?” (which typically blows their […]

3 things politics teaches you about good SEO


As the political campaign season rolls around and we all get bombarded with “news” about the candidates, I’m reminded: like SEO, you can either buy your way to the top or you can earn it. Surprise hint about the ending of this post – one choice is much better than the other. Here are 3 […]