About ZoomSpring

We are a digital marketing company who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their business using clear, measurable, effective digital marketing.

Hi, it’s nice to meet you.

I’m Jordan, the founder of ZoomSpring — a digital marketing company who loves simple, effective online marketing that produces transparent results.

We have a diverse team of technology, marketing and content specialists who are passionate about the craft of great marketing. We study, learn, teach and grow as we execute each new campaign and strive for the best return on investment possible for our clients, and ourselves.

We can work at all stages of a company's lifecycle, from startup to mature, but our primary focus is on new customer acquisition via organic and paid traffic channels and converting those leads into paying customers.

We can accelerate your growth as you move traditional advertising dollars to digital marketing to fund targeted campaigns that bring in a more sales and higher quality customers.

The proof is in the data. Our campaigns typically outperform the traditional campaigns by several orders of magnitude (10x-100x ROI — and we can show you the numbers).

Where Are We

Based in Cincinnati, but have worked with clients and employees all over the world. We understand how to work with and market to a global audience online.

What We Do

We combine our love of technology and marketing to generate targeted traffic for your site using SEO and Paid Marketing (SEM / PPC) strategies. We’re strategists first, understanding “why” and determining your goals, then we’re analysts, copywriters, project managers, programmers, designers and consultants.

We design and implement digital marketing strategies that result in 1) more traffic 2) better qualified prospects and 3) more conversions, leads and sales from your website.

Target your ideal customers

Our campaigns produce a high ROI because we spend a lot of time refining the customer profile and keyword strategy over time. As we gain more data, we learn more, we improve, and your campaign performance goes up.

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Convert leads to sales

There are many ways to get traffic to your website, but then what? We create intelligent marketing funnels for visitors to travel down and to turn leads, qualified leads, and sales.

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Understand and optimize your marketing campaigns

There’s an old saying: 50% of advertising doesn’t work. We just don’t know which half. It’s funny, and sad. We’ve developed tools to better understand your data and make better marketing decisions based on that. Don’t guess — take control of your ROI.

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