What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a category of marketing activities designed to attract more visitors to your site from search engines, by increasing the organic ranking position of your pages when a user searches for something related to your business.

When we think about improving SEO, we think of it like improving one’s health. It’s not just one thing that you do, or buy.

There are a few important pillars of a solid SEO foundation, like your keyword strategy, content quality and technical website features that all need to attention to get the best results. Just like sleep, exercise and good nutrition will all improve your total health. You can work on them separately, but they work best when improving them all at the same time.

SEO strategy and techniques

There are several schools of thought about SEO. Long story short, we believe that the best results are the ones designed to solve real people’s real problems. That means we don’t do SEO work for SEO’s sake.

We believe Google is on that same mission, to provide the user with exactly what they were search for (even if they didn’t ask for it “correctly”).

SEO tactics come and go — (so many algorithm changes we know them by name). But solid marketing strategy that is designed for humans won’t stop producing results with the next Google update.

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Our SEO work is performed “in house” (we’re a remote agency) by our staff.

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