My First 60 Days in SEO – From Noob to Link Builder

Link building walking in the desert

I come from a background of technical IT related work rather than internet marketing/SEO, so the majority of SEO was new to me. The last time I had done anything close to what you could call SEO was my webpage design class back in high school. I remember learning about how to construct a webpage, how to make the page look “good”, and how meta tags are SUPER important.
Oh, how things have changed. read more

3 “Lucky Charms” to Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign

If you’ve ever run a Google AdWords campaign, you may have felt that its comparable to gambling. The House (Google) makes the rules and you either play by them or they’ll have you escorted out. There’s real money on the line, and if you bid just right, if the numbers line up, you can win big, big, big! After all, it’s a game of chance…right?
Not exactly.
While it may feel like you’re at the mercy of fate, there is a fair amount of skill involved with developing and executing a successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. That means it’s time to ditch that lucky rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover, or (please!) those lucky socks in favor of these three “lucky charms” that will actually improve your odds of hitting the jackpot. read more

[Tutorial] Learn ImportXML – Best SEO Tool Ever

I am not a developer. But learning how to use ImportXML has been one of the most interesting things I’ve done in the past few weeks.
If you haven’t heard of ImportXML yet, or just haven’t got around to using it, you need to learn it now.
– It’s not very hard
– It’s free and awesome
– It will save you tons of time if you do any work online and make you very happy! Yaaay
Assuming you work in the internet field, learning to code, even at a beginner/intermediate level, is a very valuable skill to have. You might never be the one writing complicated programs for your company, but you will understand what goes into it and how it works. Plus you’ll be able to create smaller “agile” tools that can make your life easier. read more